Our 6 Step Process

Our process includes all of the necessary steps to bring your mobile application to fruition.


Requirements Badge

We will meet with you in order to obtain the specifications / requirements for your application.


We will ascertain how you want your app designed and then design the user experience and user interface of your application.

Project Plan

After we obtain the requirements for your project and have completed the design, we will construct a detailed project plan. This plan will allow you to easily track the status of your project, and it will specify when resources will be created and when specific phases


We will be frequently meeting during the development cycle in order to identify accomplishments, current action items, and possible roadblocks.

Testing & Quality Assurance

Besides testing throughout the development process, we will have one last testing phase in order to take care of any last issues and keep the quality at its highest level.

Release / Support

We will help you release your app to the world and offer our support.