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ScholarDev Apps Release Their Second Transit App for Fresno Area Express (FAX) Bus Riders: Fresno Transit App

FRESNO, CALIFORNIA, November 1st, 2017 - As of today, Fresno's bus riders will have access to a real-time, mobile app on Google's Play Store and Apple's App Store. Instead of paying for a static, paper bus schedule, riders of Fresno Area Express (FAX) can now install a free Android and iOS app, for one year, that will assist them in looking up bus information, planning their trips, accessing FAX information, and tracking bus times in real-time.

The vision of this transit app started out as a college project whose initial, iOS version tied for first place in 59DaysofCode's People's Choice Award in 2013, has now been released on the Google's Play Store and Apple's App Store. This new version is called Fresno Transit, and it was developed by members of ScholarDev Apps in collaboration with FAX, ValleyPBS, and Just Transit. Ultimately, Fresno Transit will help make daily commutes more efficient and more enjoyable for Fresno's bus riders today.

ScholarDev App's, Fresno Transit, was one of the 2017 winners of the Just Transit Challenge Grant. The goal of the 11th Hour Project is to bring equitable and climate friendly transportation solutions to cities across America through the Just Transit Challenge.

"We are happy for the partnership between FAX; our media partner, Valley PBS; and our app development partner, ScholarDev. This collaboration brings, to the public, a real time understanding of where buses are, and when they will arrive which is a huge accomplishment for our community"

-Gregory Barfield, Assistant Director, City of Fresno Department of Transportation FAX.

"ValleyPBS is proud to serve as a partner in the development of the Fresno Transit app, made possible with support from the Schmidt Family Foundation. This app and its live bus tracking feature is very innovative for Fresno, and a big step in the right direction toward making public transit more efficient and convenient, something both FAX and Scholar Dev work tirelessly toward. As a trusted source of public information reaching over 2.1 million households, ValleyPBS is honored to be the media partner for this project, and will be promoting public awareness and use of the app so as many potential riders as possible can benefit from its use."


Fresno Transit is a real-time transit application for FAX riders. This application is a cross-sector collaboration between Fresno Area Express (FAX), ScholarDev Apps, and ValleyPBS. Fresno Transit is a mobile app that will encourage ridership by helping bus users discover routes and track bus times in real-time. This app is continuously improving and will eventually be available in multiple languages and with accessibility features for the visually impaired.

ScholarDev Apps hopes that riders of Fresno Area Express will enjoy using this service and app.

ScholarDev Apps is a startup, software company that was founded on the campus of Fresno City College and is currently based in Fresno, California. As a software company, ScholarDev Apps specializes in the development of mobile applications. Besides solving problems that are encountered by the local and global community, ScholarDev Apps also generates content that can either be highly utilized or contain entertainment value. To learn more about ScholarDev Apps and Fresno Transit, please visit

ScholarDev Apps' parent is SCHOLARDEV LLC


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